Nov 03

EMC SDDC Release: first shot in a New War between former Frenemies

On October 9, 2014, EMC announced the release of the first fully software-defined data center, using products from the EMC Federated group of companies, these being:

This solution, the first of five planned solutions, utilises the following technologies from the four companies:

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Oct 23

News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google

In a follow-up to my Oracle v. Google Java spat post—in which I reported that the appeals court has ruled in favour of Oracle, casting doubt on the whole automation industry and the use of Java APIs—it seems that Google has decided to take this to the US Supreme Court. The argument it has submitted to the court is that the appeals court ruling should be overturned in the interest of protecting innovation in high tech.

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Oct 08

News: Veeam Enters Physical Backup Land

October 8, 2014: Today at the Las Vegas VeeamON conference, Veeam announced its first foray into the world of physical device backup. With the rather catchy name “Veeam Endpoint Backup Free,” the product, when it is released, will be able to back up a physical endpoint (read Windows-based operating system) to a NAS share or a Veeam backup repository.

First, a few things about the product:

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Oct 08

News: Huawei Joins Board of Open Platform for NFV Project

On October 3, Chinese ICT company Huawei announced that Dr. Anthony C. K. Soong, its chief scientist for wireless research and standards in the US, has joined the board of directors of Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), an open-source reference platform intended to accelerate the introduction of new products and services.

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Oct 08

Book Review: VMware View Security Essentials

Publisher PACKT Publishing
Author Daniel Langenhan
ISBN 978-1-78217-008-2
Costs (UK) Amazon Book Format = £24:30
Kindle Format = £15:44

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Oct 08

Book Review: VMware Horizon Suite: Building End-User Services

Publisher VMware Press
Author Stephane Asselin & Paul O’Doherty
ISBN 978-0-13-347908-9
Costs (UK) Amazon Book Format = £33.99
Kindle Format = £17:79

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Oct 08

SLEDs, Blades, or Racks? We Are Not Talking about Snow-sport Equipment

The data center is changing, and once again the question of hardware format comes to mind. It is an open secret that I am not a fan of the blade format. Yes, it has flexibility, but that comes at a cost: namely, the loss of density brought by the blade format. 

True, the blade format has been manna from heaven for virtualization. The hardware standardization that the format has instigated has allowed a massive move forward in computing. But isn’t it now time to revisit the paradigm? “Why?” you may ask, thinking “hardware is not important; this is the age of the software-defined data center.” Let’s leave that statement pinned on the wall until later.

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Oct 07

News: AT&T Teams with AWS to Offer On-Demand Network-Enabled Cloud Solutions

On October 2, 2014, AT&T partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer on-demand network-enabled cloud solutions to its customers via AWS and AT&T NetBond.

This is an interesting departure from the usual rounds of tit-for-tat, race-to-the-bottom announcements that AWS, Google’s cloud service, and others release. This announcement comes hot on the tail of Google’s latest cost reductions for customers. AWS has added a service improvement and soon (well, sometime in early 2015) will have the means to give all of its customers direct access to AWS services from the tech giant’s NetBond cloud integration platform.

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Aug 26

VMware Fusion Tech Preview 2014 – Connect To Server Support

This is the second part on our preview of the VMware Fusion Tech Preview. This time we focus on another new feature. The “Connect To Server” support. With this a long anticipated feature comes to Fusion. It gives you the opportunity to connect to your vSphere Server and VMware Workstation shared Virtual Machines. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 23

VMworld 2014: Essential Networking Sessions

It’s that time again. VMworld 2014 opens in San Francisco on Monday, August 25. With fifty sessions covering network virtualization and security this year, it is clear that VMware is once again pushing software defined networking (SDN) and NSX, and that is as serious about the software defined network as it is about the rest of the data center. Unfortunately, I cannot make the conference this year, but I have perused the session catalog to see what sessions I would attend if I could. These cover a cross section of technical and procedural levels and should be beneficial to network virtualization newbies and veterans alike.

So, in no particular order, let’s start with my ten-ish most interesting SDN sessions. OK, so I couldn’t get it down to ten, and there are a couple more that should have made this list, but “my twenty-seven and three quarters most interesting sessions” doesn’t really cut it.

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