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Wil van Antwerpen is a software developer who loves to work on Open Source and dabble a bit with VMware products. He likes to help people out as that is a good way to learn more.

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Notes on securing Meltdown and Spectre

Now that the dust is slightly starting to settle It became clear to me that there’s an enormous amount of information and confusion out there. I have read a lot of websites in order to get a clear picture and being able to get all of my hosts and Virtual Machines patched. While not completely …

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Monitor storage for a Dell PERC H710 Mini on vSphere 6.5

So I managed to get myself some DELL R320 servers for the lab. Great servers, love that R3x0 series, they fit my needs perfectly. In previous R3xx series and vSphere versions using the “thick” vSphere client you could just monitor the storage (PERC H710 mini) and other hardware so that you could easily find out …

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VMX unrestricted guest errors with Workstation 14 or Fusion 10

With the new Workstation 14 and Fusion 10 there is also a new requirement for your CPU’s. This unfortunately has not been clearly communicated about by VMware. When you try to start a VM and get the error: This host does not support virtualizing real mode. The intel “VMX unrestricted Guest” feature is necessary to …

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VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra – System Extension Blocked

Allow VMware extensions

This is just a quick post about an issue you’ll see when installing VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra. During the install the following screen pops up.              

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The future of VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation

Yesterday I woke up to the following tweet: I hear rumors that @vmware workstation/fusion teams were laid off. If that is true, it is a really sad news!— Krishna Raj Raja (@esxtopGuru) January 26, 2016

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VMware Tools for Linux guests and desktop integration

If you installed a recent Linux guest recently then you might have noticed that things are changing. See also this blog post “Open-VM-Tools The Future of VMware Tools for Linux“. Trying to install the normal VMware Tools will tell you that it can’t and that you should use open-vm-tools instead. But there are numerous complaints …

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VMware Workstation 12 discards unity support for Linux

As of VMware Workstation 12.0 unity support for Linux has been removed. Whereas unity support for Windows 10 is one of the few areas where there is actually additional support for Windows 10, that same feature has been ripped out for Linux hosts and guests.

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Boot via EFI firmware

As you might or might not know, you can change your VMs nowadays to boot via EFI instead of the Plain Old BIOS. This is great as you can now experiment with EFI without messing up your physical environment or having to reboot on metal. There’s ongoing work on VMware Fusion and Workstation to improve …

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VMware Workstation 11 things you might want to know

As has been published in many channels, VMware Workstation 11 has been released. For details see: release notes and features at the official pages (I’m not going to copy & paste that as I’m sure you are better off to read it from the horses mouth) What is important to know and a little less …

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VMware Fusion Tech Preview 2014 – Connect To Server Support

This is the second part on our preview of the VMware Fusion Tech Preview. This time we focus on another new feature. The “Connect To Server” support. With this a long anticipated feature comes to Fusion. It gives you the opportunity to connect to your vSphere Server and VMware Workstation shared Virtual Machines.

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