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Most people know me from the VMTN boards as user khughes. Been a little sparse as of late but looking to get back in the swing of things

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Quest for VM Backup Solution

This goes along with my last post around the time VMworld 2011 where I was in dire need of a new backup solution for my virtual machines.  I figured I would share some of the good, the bad and the ugly as my journey for finding a new backup vendor continues. First off I will …

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Being prepared for the unexpected, and the expected

I will start off by saying I tend to consider myself a prepared person for most situations and tend to think in the logic of the flow charts if the result of A is this, then move here, if not move here.  Recently I found myself scrambling after our old SAN that stores our bulk …

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VMworld 2010 Day 3, 4 and Closing Thoughts

While everything is starting close down, the solution exchange is now closed and the final sessions are starting up, here are a few closing thoughts while combining day three and day four.  Day three was composed of a few sessions but my day to really browse around the solutions exchange to see if I could …

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VMworld Day Two

As day two starts to calm down and the last sessions start to end a lot of news was presented to the VMworld attendees.  Some of the highlights of the keynote from this morning was the release of vCloud Director (formerly known as project redwood), release of security suites from edge to endpoint, acquisition of …

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VMworld 2010 Day 1

Being the third VMworld I have attended I had a pretty good idea what to expect when I arrived.  I know there were some changes to the setup of sessions and labs going from a sign up format to pick your sessions and first come first serve gets in.  Also with this new format change …

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Possible Issues with June Microsoft Security Updates

There have been reports that a couple of Microsoft security updates for the month of June are causing some issues with VMware vCenter, the main one is KB 980773 – this is an update to DotNet.  While I am in the process of rebuilding my test lab this will be something I will defiantly test …

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esXpress runs into issues in 2010

Looks like the change to 2010 caused issues, very simular to what most feared when we changed into the year 2000. It looks like when we moved into 2010 it caused issues with all version of esXpress, 3.1.* and 3.6 not allowing it to run delta backups.  Right now the scheduled backups are running as …

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Major flaw with new Microsoft eOpen website

So today I went to go enter in a new license agreement to our eOpen account and noticed a new website layout.  After about 10 minutes of searching the site for where to add in the new agreement

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Will ESXi run on my Atari?

With the decision to make ESXi a free release to the public, VMware was able to bring many new people into the world of virtualization. Naturally everyone wants to download, try, and play with it because of the great things being said about VMware, however there is one big problem; ESXi is an enterprise level …

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