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Jan 22

Error “Idm client exception: Error trying to join AD, error code [11]” when joining a VCSA to AD domain

This is not clear in the documentation, but if you receive the following error when adding your device to an Active Directory: Error “Idm client exception: Error trying to join AD, error code [11]” when joining a VCSA to AD domain  The root cause of this is because of incorrectly formatted entries in the details form. …

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Mar 28

Remember Remember, Edit your Host Profile before applying.

Well today I remembered something, well to be truthful, I remembered it five minutes after moving my new hosts into maintenance mode, applying my newly created host profile from my reference host, filling in the network details for all the port groups and VMkernel groups and clicking finish. So what exactly did I remember? Well …

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Mar 29

Host Becomes disconnected

In my current role I have inherited a largish vSphere 4.1 environment, that has to put it nicely “evolved”.  We have been having host disconnection issues in one of the clusters, coupled with HA Configuration errors.  well today one host disconnected and absolutely refused to reconnect, bizarrely it kept telling us that the username/password combination …

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May 10

VMUG (VMware User Group) Advantage

I have to admit that this one slipped under my radar, but apparently this an offer from the VMUG to  provide cheaper access to certain VMware products.  so the first question is what is the VMUG? it is VMware’s independent, and global organization that supports the local VMware User Groups. it was re-organised in mid …

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May 05

Virtualisation 101 – VMotion

What Is It? VMotion is arguably VMware’s “killer app” – the feature that gave VMware’s hypervisor product a USP edge over its competition.    It enables an ESX host to transfer a running virtual machine over to a different ESX host without incurring downtime.   When a VMware administrator initiates a VMotion migration the memory state of …

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Jan 21

It is all a question about which path to take.

Planning storage is a simple thing,  you go to your Storage Admin’s and say, I need x amount of LUNs of this size please for my ESX servers and they NO, we only do xGB size LUN’s, or they breath thought their teeth like a motor mechanic or plumber and say, Storage doesn’t grow on …

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Dec 13

Sales people – think of us Bloggers

I’ve always respected the value that technology bloggers bring to their readers/followers and have embraced them in my marketing strategies for vendors that I have and do work with.  However, it has recently struck me how few sales people know about the key bloggers in their sphere, and how few engage in Social Media (SoMe) …

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Dec 11

PlateSpin target SAN OS boot fails a 79% with Brocade 825(ibm oem) HBAs Fix.

We have just been undertaking a set of P2P migrations using Platespin and this issue kicked us where it hurts for a number of days.

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Oct 04

How-to run XenServer on top of vSphere

As most of the readers here know, vSphere is so powerful it is able to virtualise itself. What is even more amazing is that it is able to virtualise the competition. Yes that’s right, you can run XenServer on top of vSphere including running some nested guests, without any problems.  Below I’ll walk you through …

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