Category: performance

Jan 10

Notes on securing Meltdown and Spectre

Now that the dust is slightly starting to settle It became clear to me that there’s an enormous amount of information and confusion out there. I have read a lot of websites in order to get a clear picture and being able to get all of my hosts and Virtual Machines patched. While not completely …

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Feb 15

I am doing another webinar with vKernel for DABCC

Well I must have done some good, as I am back by popular demand, for one night only.  I am joing Bryan Semple the CMO of vKernel to revisit our discussion on how to increase efficiency in your virtualization environments. So without further ado, please find below a link to register for the session,  it …

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Apr 27

Windows VM Page File Policies

Every once in a while people will ask why their VM is not performing well. Well there are many areas where you can look, at the host level, for example by adding more memory to the host or by looking at the guest level.  Today, we are going to focus at the guest level and …

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Apr 24

The Blue Ocean of Performance Monitoring

One of the areas that is of keen interest to many of the organizations I speak with is how to monitor performance accurately within a VM, as compared to a physical counterpart.

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