Category: Backup and Recovery

Dec 20

We’ve Changed the guard at Buckingham Palace, it’s time for Hybrid – Vembu to the Rescue

In this, the eighth article in our series investigating the benefits of Vembu BDR for Virtualized Environments, we carry on examining Vembu’s migration capabilities. We all know that backing up your data is only one part of the equation. The ability to recover is the other, and arguably more important, side. This is where Vembu …

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Oct 08

News: Veeam Enters Physical Backup Land

October 8, 2014: Today at the Las Vegas VeeamON conference, Veeam announced its first foray into the world of physical device backup. With the rather catchy name “Veeam Endpoint Backup Free,” the product, when it is released, will be able to back up a physical endpoint (read Windows-based operating system) to a NAS share or …

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Oct 13

Quest for VM Backup Solution

This goes along with my last post around the time VMworld 2011 where I was in dire need of a new backup solution for my virtual machines.  I figured I would share some of the good, the bad and the ugly as my journey for finding a new backup vendor continues. First off I will …

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Sep 05

Being prepared for the unexpected, and the expected

I will start off by saying I tend to consider myself a prepared person for most situations and tend to think in the logic of the flow charts if the result of A is this, then move here, if not move here.  Recently I found myself scrambling after our old SAN that stores our bulk …

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Mar 01

Virtualisation 102 – SRM

This article builds on the previous 101 overview of VMware’s Site Recovery Manager and covers the deployment process at a high level.  For detailed instructions on how to roll out SRM please refer to the documentation linked to in the previous article. Preparation Phase DR projects are notorious for soaking up engineer resource, requiring multiple …

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Jan 05

esXpress runs into issues in 2010

Looks like the change to 2010 caused issues, very simular to what most feared when we changed into the year 2000. It looks like when we moved into 2010 it caused issues with all version of esXpress, 3.1.* and 3.6 not allowing it to run delta backups.  Right now the scheduled backups are running as …

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Dec 24

esXpress Dramatically Reduces Seattle Financial Group’s VMware Recovery Time by 92%

esXpress Dramatically Reduces Seattle Financial Group’s VMware Recovery Time by 92% Well esxExpress has done it again,  to day PHD Virtual Technologis announced to winning of a new customer Seattle Financial Groupwho have standardised on esXpress for thier Business Optimization and Disaster Recovery in its Virtual Environment

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