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Jan 10

Notes on securing Meltdown and Spectre

Now that the dust is slightly starting to settle It became clear to me that there’s an enormous amount of information and confusion out there. I have read a lot of websites in order to get a clear picture and being able to get all of my hosts and Virtual Machines patched. While not completely …

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Sep 28

VMX unrestricted guest errors with Workstation 14 or Fusion 10

With the new Workstation 14 and Fusion 10 there is also a new requirement for your CPU’s. This unfortunately has not been clearly communicated about by VMware. When you try to start a VM and get the error: This host does not support virtualizing real mode. The intel “VMX unrestricted Guest” feature is necessary to …

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Sep 27

VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra – System Extension Blocked

Allow VMware extensions

This is just a quick post about an issue you’ll see when installing VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra. During the install the following screen pops up.              

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Sep 10

VMware Workstation 12 discards unity support for Linux

As of VMware Workstation 12.0 unity support for Linux has been removed. Whereas unity support for Windows 10 is one of the few areas where there is actually additional support for Windows 10, that same feature has been ripped out for Linux hosts and guests.

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Dec 10

Boot via EFI firmware

As you might or might not know, you can change your VMs nowadays to boot via EFI instead of the Plain Old BIOS. This is great as you can now experiment with EFI without messing up your physical environment or having to reboot on metal. There’s ongoing work on VMware Fusion and Workstation to improve …

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Dec 03

VMware Workstation 11 things you might want to know

As has been published in many channels, VMware Workstation 11 has been released. For details see: release notes and features at the official pages (I’m not going to copy & paste that as I’m sure you are better off to read it from the horses mouth) What is important to know and a little less …

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Mar 11

How to install VMware Fusion – this is short :)

OK so by now you know that Mr I will never have an Apple, has as a result of my new job become the possessor of a MBP. :S So what was one of the first things I did, apart from changing the password 🙂 That’s right downloaded and installed VMware Fusion. I thought I …

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Oct 13

Security Announcements

Sorry but I have been a little remiss over the last few weeks.  personal problems, but that is not for public consumption.  so what has been happening in the world of VMware Security announcements,   Well one thing is quite interesting even though there has been five Sec releases, not one of them relate to vSphere …

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Sep 14

VMware Workstation 8.0 released

This morning VMware released VMware Workstation 8 to the public. Here’s the link to the What’s New:  Workstation 8 What’s New and here are the release notes: Workstation 8.0 Release Notes I was lucky enough to be one of the people who got invited into the VMware beta so I did have some time to …

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Mar 31

VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2011-0006.1

Now this is interesting they only released this yesterday and it has been updated already.  nice of VMware to use Security advisories as product releases.  Updated because of the release of VIX 1.10.3

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