Mar 17

Useful links for learning Powershell

Well the first step in any journey is the longest, so I will attempt to make it easier by listing as many good resources for Powershell as I can find.

one of the best sites for Virtualisation based powershell scripting is our very own Alan Renouf

http://www.peetersonline.nl/ Hugo’s site it a Powershell goldmine, thanks for the heads up Eric
http://keithhill.spaces.live.com/blog/ Thanks to Stu at vinternals for pointing this one out

This will be added to as and when I come across more interesting sites and infomation. 😀


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  1. Eric Sloof

    What about Hugo http://www.peetersonline.nl/

  2. Stu

    Thx for the linkup (seems to be broken at the moment though). For general “new to powershell”, Keith Hill’s free “effective powershell” ebook http://keithhill.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!5A8D2641E0963A97!6930.entry looks pretty useful too… wish that was around when I was learning the ropes!


  3. Andrzej

    Is there something wrong with links? They aren’t working for me….

  4. Tom Howarth

    Thanks for the heads up on the links not working, they should be fixed now, WordPress decided it did not want to insert the links correctly,



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