Guest Bloggers Past and Present

Jane Rimmer
Jane is not only a good friend of mine but is a damn fine marketeer to boot, over her career she has held senior marketing positions at the giants of our particular section of IT including amongst others Citrix, Sun and most recently at VMware as Director, Marketing EMEA, She was actually employee number 2 in EuropeShe is currently the owner of Hiviz Marketing, which she set up to provide outsourced marketing services to the IT industry so that they can exploit her knowledge and experience as and when organisations need them. Now sit back and wait to be bamboozled by a mistress of the Marketing Art.
finally in 2011 Jane got her just rewards and was granted vEXPERT status. All I can say is about time and congratualtionsYou can follow Jane on Twitter
Simon Bodecott
Simon is a former colleague and ….I’d like to welcome Simon Bodecott to my ever-expanding empire of guest bloggers.I took Simon on as my Padawan Learner* last year, and — despite being born on the wrong side of the Pennines — has shown sufficient promise not to incur my wrath. The fact that he exhibits an eagerness to buy me beer that’s unheard of in a Yorkshireman has nothing to do with my patronage, you understand.
Simon will be writing a series of articles for me going back to basics and explaining VMware features and products in a simple and concise way. I may even start calling him Simple Simon, providing it doesn’t put him off buying me beer.* or whatever the Sith Lord equivalent is.You can follow Simon on Twitter
Alex Mittell
I can say I am honoured to present Alex Mittell, late of the PHD parish and currently working for the man at VMware.Alex has recently got married and is a recently Father.Alex has already posted his first article and for those of us that know him it is typical Alex. lighthearted and technical. we wait with baited breath for the ones to follow.
You can follow him on Twitter
Wil van Antwerpen
Wil is a software developer with a passion for VMware virtualisation. He is a moderator on the VMware communities and can be found on there always eager trying to help and learn more about VMware products and the fascinating world of virtualisation. Along with William Lam and Edward Haletky he worked on the vGhetto GUI project in the past. It’s slowed down a bit there, but hopefully that will pick up again.
He currently lives in Bangkok where he tries to master the thai language in both written and spoken form. While learning more about the mysteries of Asian life and enjoying the vast amounts of thai food and being close to his girlfriend, the love of his life.If there’s a little bit of extra time he also administers the website here and tries to write a few posts every now and then for planetvm.netWil has the honour of being a 3 time awardee of the prestigous vEXPERT award.You can follow him on Twitter

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