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NSX Packet Walks Continued

This post is a continuation of the last post where I discussed a very simple virtual network, and a very simple VXLAN environment. If you haven’t already, you will want to read that post first. In this post I’m going to step it up a gear and introduce a virtual distributed router to the mix. …

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NSX Packet Walks

I was once asked an interview question that was a very simple question with an interesting answer: How does a switch pass packets. I’m going to start in this blog post, with that question, but in a virtual environment. Then I’m going to extrapolate to a couple of NSX situations that I find quite interesting.

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Cisco ACI: Is It Wham! or Sam Cooke?

An odd little title, I think you will agree, but consider this: Wham! had a hit with “Freedom” and Sam Cooke sang “Chain Gang,” and I think you can now see my thought process. This post is going to investigate not the technical capabilities of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), but rather what its market …

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