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VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2010-0012

New Security advisory regarding VUM

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Warning ESX U2 and PCoIP

VMware have been touting all over twitter today about an issue but not actually informing us what it was, there have been rather cryptic warning about about a Issue with ESX U2 and VDI,  now these warning have been going out since early morning UK time and it is now 8pm UK time and finally:

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VMware Security Advisory:- VMSA-2010-0002.3

It is that time again, here is the latest security advisory from VMware. it also seems to add more credence to Wil’s post on the future of VMware Server 2.0 as once again the status is affected,but “not being fixed at this time”

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TrainSignal release a new Training video.

Train Signal, who produced the popular ‘VMware vSphere’ and ‘Hyper-V’ training videos have just released a new addition to the VMware vSphere suite of training products called ‘VMware vSphere Pro Series Vol. 1’.

VCP 4 is now mine

The exam was a significant improvement on the VCP 310 exam, it was a little more challenging and the profile was more to do with real environment questions rather than the how many vCPU’s can you have if it is a Thursday afternoon just before tea time type questions.

How To: configure sudo on ESX

Well you have been playing with your console and finally got fedup of typing su – root to get to those esxcfg commands, well you can automate it to do so you need to configure sudo

What the sudo command allows is to let a standard user execute a command as root or another user, as specified in the /etc/sudoers (the config file that defines or list of who can run what) file.

Busy week in the VMware Engineering team

“STOP PRESS” – I was just about to post this and this little nugget appears on VMwareKB Well it has finally happened after what has seemed an age since the release of vSphere in May.  View 4 has finally arrived,  but wait!  have you noticed one of the pre-reqs,  View required vSphere 4 U1 so …

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Northern UK VMUG

Well, as stated on www.rtfm.co.uk, we Notherners are not to be outdone by the recent launch of an Irish and Scottish User Group – We have finally risen to the challenge and struck out on our own,  those that remember my attempting to start this over the previous years may well wonder why my name …

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how to remove FT from a host without vCenter

Now before I start, this is not my nugget, I have just added to the process.  So thanks must go to the scripting god that is William Lam. WARNING: do not do this without Testing first It is common knowledge that FT (Fault Tolerance) is a feature that comes with vCenter and you will not …

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