New Contributing Author.

I would like to welcome Kyle Hughes,  as a Contributing author on PlanetVM.Net.  Continue reading

Install XPe as a ESX Guest

Just came across the following post,  How to create a XPe guest on ESX,  I have got to say well done to Zach Tibbitts of

It may be easier to read the above after reading Zach other post on running XPe as a guest, this time on Workstation.

Again well done of a couple of excellent posts.

What to do with your NICs

I was going to post on pNIC configuration in ESX,  but it seems that Ed Haletky (Texiwill) has already done so,

Why reinvent the wheel I say,  thank you Ed for an excellent series of posts

Where Will Virtualization of Data Center Infrastructure Take Us?

Stephen Foskett has just posted a very interesting commentary. have a read here.

Virtualization Conversation

He makes a raises number of very interesting questions.

AppSense Environment Manager

Recently AppSense released the latest iteration of their management suite of tools. it is now at version 8,  the suite has come a long way in those intervening years, growing from a single application to a very functional Server Based computing and Desktop management product.

This post concerns Environment Manager 8.0 Continue reading

Read/Write RCLI for ESXi

Duncan of YellowBricks fame recently posted the following,

One of the most discussed topics when ESXi was released for free was the fact the the Remote Command Line Interface(RCLI) was read only. Today Rich from VM/ dropped the news that as of ESXi 3.5 U3 the RCLI is read/write. Why is this important? For ESXi there’s no Service Console. The RCLI contains most Service Console commands which are very useful during maintenance, troubleshooting or automating certain tasks. I haven’t seen an official announcement yet unfortunately. But as soon as it’s up there I will post it here.

Well today I noticed that the page has a 404 error, on futher investigation it seems that the release of a read/write RCLI for ESXi was a mistake,  that said I would not expect it to be reversed as that would be playing into the hands of  their competitors

Update:    Duncan’s post has reappeared 😀

VMware ESXi Alert

This Just dropped into my Mail Box.  So I thought I would post it.

Dear ESX 3.5 customer,
Our records indicate you recently downloaded VMware® ESX Version 3.5 U3 from our product download site. This email is to alert you that an issue with that product version could adversely effect your environment. This email provides steps you can take to correct any issues that you may currently have or prevent you from encountering the issue. Continue reading

New Central repository for VMware Books and VirtSec info

Edward Haletky (Texiwill on the Forums) has just released a couple of useful additions to the armoury;  the Virtual BookShelf and the Top Virtualization Security Links page.  If I know Ed, these will be updated regularly with focused and pertinent information,

Thanks for putting together these lists.

VMware announce new premier invite only qualification

Those people on this weeks Roundtable, my self included had a little shock,  VMwares’ John Troyer calmly announced the introduction of the VVP (VMware Virtualization Professional),  this is a new invite only certification in a similar mold to MVP status from Microsoft and CVP from Citrix.

Personally I think that this is a good move and can only add value.

HGFS Service fails to start

once again the HGFS feature has caused problems for users,

see post HGFS Service fails to start

why don’t VMware just change the default for silent install of VMtools for Guests running under ESX. Continue reading