Rimmergram Blog #10:- Exciting Technology times

As ever, the market in which we’re all focused continues to grow and then converge.  The recent acquisitions by VMware of DynamicOps and Nicira are two key examples.  I’m very lucky to have worked, and be working, with some of the game changing technologies in cloud and virtualization.  Some of my past clients’ companies have […]


Am I a Big Twit? or a Guide to the Twitterverse 101

Recently, I’ve come across a number of people that are just starting to “get into” Twitter. Having been tweeting for nearly 3 years, I think I’ve grasped the main concept and have witnessed both good and bad use of this social media vehicle. So I thought I’d note down some general guidance for those “neweeters” […]

Rimmer’s Round Up of VMworld Las Vegas 2011

VMware is definitely more than just a regular virtualization company and continues along the bleeding edge of innovation.  As Paul Maritz explains in this interview, VMware is growing into an IT Solutions company, focused on 3 key areas: More efficient, automated infrastructure, Renewal of applications – develop new apps to service the Facebook generation and […]

Sales people – think of us Bloggers

I’ve always respected the value that technology bloggers bring to their readers/followers and have embraced them in my marketing strategies for vendors that I have and do work with.  However, it has recently struck me how few sales people know about the key bloggers in their sphere, and how few engage in Social Media (SoMe) […]

Rimmergram VMworld final day wind up

What can I say that every other blogger hasn’t already posted about VMworld this week in Copenhagen? Over 6,000 attendees, 113 exhibitors in the solutions exchange, over 5000 labs delivered, it broke all previous records. On Wednesday TechTarget announced their Customer Awards.  Personally I think this is a great idea and one that should be […]