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News: Once More into the Breach, My Friends: Oracle v. Google

In a follow-up to my Oracle v. Google Java spat post—in which I reported that the appeals court has ruled in favour of Oracle, casting doubt on the whole automation industry and the use of Java APIs—it seems that Google has decided to take this to the US Supreme Court. The argument it has submitted to the court is that the appeals court ruling should be overturned in the interest of protecting innovation in high tech.

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News: Oracle v. Google — Why Is This Important?

On the 9th of May, 2014, something happened in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that could have massive ramifications for our fledgling cloud orchestration industry. Circuit judges with no knowledge about the software industry and how that industry works made a judgement that could pull the rug out from under the whole integration and orchestration industry. “What!” you say?

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VMware Press Launches Sweepstakes!

Now this may not be of interest to everybody Winking smile but VMware Press, the official publisher of VMware books and training materials, has launched a 60 day Facebook sweepstakes beginning today the May 1 and running through to June 30th. The Prize offerings include a $100 Amazon gift card and three VMware Press books of the winner’s choice; the nine second prize winners will win an eBook of their choice. Good luck – enter now!

VMware Workstation 8.0 released

This morning VMware released VMware Workstation 8 to the public.

Here’s the link to the What’s New:  Workstation 8 What’s New

and here are the release notes: Workstation 8.0 Release Notes

I was lucky enough to be one of the people who got invited into the VMware beta so I did have some time to testdrive the new features. This allows me to highlight to you here what I personally think of the new Workstation version and the items that are particularly exciting in this new release.
First off, I think this is THE most exciting release of VMware Workstation since version 5. Continue reading “VMware Workstation 8.0 released”

Welcome to a new Blogger – Alex Mittell

It is with great relish that I welcome our latest blogger to the PlanetVM.NET family.  I can say I am honoured to present Alex Mittell,  late of the PHD parish and currently enjoying a quiet sojourn in Cornwall drinking dirty Scrumpy Cyder with his fiance.

Alex has already posted his first article and for those of us that know him it is typical Alex.  lighthearted and technical.  we wait with baited breath for the ones to follow.

Vyatta – Free Training focussed on use in ESX and Citrix

Vyatta are slowly becoming one of my favourite networking start-ups…
Not only do they have a first class Router and Firewall/VPN product – boasting higher performance than Cisco – that they give to the community (here), they now offer free training at the Vyatta University!

Back in March, Vyatta Core reached v6.0 providing additional features that make their product more attractive to the enterprise.

  • Netflow / sFlow logging and analysis
  • 802.11 wireless LAN – (access point + base station)
  • Binary image installation – (version mgmt)
  • IPv6 readiness (core routing and firewall)
  • Firewall enhancements
    • IPv6 firewall
    • P2P firewall
    • time-based and zone-based firewall rules
  • QoS Enhancements

You may have read my post on using Vyatta as a Router-in-a-box for VMware and Citrix…
Seeing how this is such an attractive use case for this product, Vyatta have published a course detailing  installation, verification and basic configuration of Vyatta OVF and XVA virtual appliances for adding routing & security to VMware ESX and XenServer environments.

To sign up for the free video click here or to view all Vyatta training offerings click here

I very much like Vyatta’s approach, offering the Core Edition to the community with support subscription available as an uplift and it is even more refreshing to see Training following in the footsteps.
A strong community and easy access to resources  satisfies engineers and will yield a greater amount of knowledgeable/certified individuals should Vyatta choose to go down this route.

Perhaps more Networking vendors could learn from this…