Notes on securing Meltdown and Spectre

Now that the dust is slightly starting to settle It became clear to me that there’s an enormous amount of information and confusion out there. I have read a lot of websites in order to get a clear picture and being able to get all of my hosts and Virtual Machines patched. While not completely done yet, here’s my collection of links and some answers on questions that I see asked often. This is a live document and will be updated with notes relevant for patching. Last update 2018/01/29 Continue reading “Notes on securing Meltdown and Spectre”

It is all a question about which path to take.

Planning storage is a simple thing,  you go to your Storage Admin’s and say, I need x amount of LUNs of this size please for my ESX servers and they NO, we only do xGB size LUN’s, or they breath thought their teeth like a motor mechanic or plumber and say, Storage doesn’t grow on trees you know, we don’t have much left, are you sure you really need all that space, etc.

But I digress. 🙂

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Windows 2008 Server core command

A change for the usual VMware ESX type post today,  I have recently been working with Server core for the first time,  and have found out that I actually like it :S.  That said for those of you that have been weaned on a GUI it is a bit of a culture shock.

So below are some commands that I hope you will find useful in configuring your ServerCore windows 2008 machine.

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