Rimmer’s Round Up of VMworld Las Vegas 2011

VMware is definitely more than just a regular virtualization company and continues along the bleeding edge of innovation.  As Paul Maritz explains in this interview, VMware is growing into an IT Solutions company, focused on 3 key areas:

  • More efficient, automated infrastructure,
  • Renewal of applications – develop new apps to service the Facebook generation and
  • Renewal of end-user computing.

It was the end-user computing ‘angle’ of VMworld that was of most interest to me.  I was entranced Steve Herrod’s Tuesday keynote, always delivered from a business aspect as well as technical, despite him being the CTO.  With around half of the keynote being focused on end-user computing and applications, it demonstrated VMware’s thrust into this arena.

Vittorio Viarengo’s contribution to the keynote was fabulous – both in terms of content but also from an entertainment perspective.  As many have already blogged about, Appblast is really exciting, as is Horizon Mobile and Project Octopus.  It will be interesting, however,  to observe how VMware will deliver all of this cohesively, over time, to truly move beyond the PC-era.

I spoke with many attendees and as always the Hands on Labs (HoL) really were the highlight for many and, as a London VMUG steering committee member, I am really excited to learn that the HoLs will be available for all, not just VMworld attendees, in 2012, learn more here.

A personal highlight for me as a newly “inaugurated” 2011 vExpert, was meeting lots of my fellow vExperts at a program meeting hosted by John Troyer.  I can honestly say I have never encountered such a community surrounding a technology/company.  The opportunity to also meet many of the folks I follow on Twitter was another highlight of VMworld for me.

I spent most of my days working in the Solutions Exchange with one of my clients, Centrix Software. The Solutions Exchange had around 250 exhibitors promoting their wares, ranging from the big and mighty vendors down to new, innovative companies, such as Centrix, in the Innovators Pavilion.  As I blogged prior to VMworld, many companies that have previously participated in this innovator pavilion have subsequently been acquired.

It is unlikely I will be at VMworld Copenhagen this year.  I still feel it’s a mistake to hold the European event so close to the US one, but unfortunately this year there is a major event in the UK, IPExpo being held at exactly the same time as VMworld Copenhagen and it looks like I will be there instead.

If you’re attending Copenhagen, I can guarantee you will experience the same community spirit and “awesome sauce” of a superbly staged event by VMware for its customers – enjoy!



Voting is now closed for this years VMworld submissions

Ok so Voting is now closed,  hopefully the sessions that you voted for will  be accepted and we will be all happy, but some how I do not think that will be the case, once again the party will be overburdened with Vendors plying thinly disguised sales pitches and VCE staff toeing the company line.

To be truthful I was disappointed with the sessions this year,  not the content or subjects, but the presenters.

if you removed EMC or VMware there would have been hardly any submissions that made it through to the voting stage. Now whether that was an indication of lack of external content submission, or more an indication of a Machiavellian plot to reject not VCE content before voting I cannot say.  

Another thing that annoyed me this year has been the blatant hi-jacking of popular independent content and repackaging it with VCE Staff.

Point in case, the Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge, run by Cody Bunch, with a number of senior Storage bods you may have heard of,  Chad Sacac, Vaughn Stewart etc.  it extremely similar to and Q and A session run by Rick Sherver (EMC) containing wait for it, yep, Chad and Vaughn,

Another one:- The Annual Ask the Experts, staffed by senior Bloggers, has also been hijacked.

One of the things I loved about VMworld was that it was Pseudo Independent.   The little guy had a chance to have his say and do his session. 

I wait with baited breath to see how many of those session are not staffed by VCE personal.

VMworld Session Voting is now Open!!

The Voting is open

This year there are a record 1164  sessions that you can vote for and if you vote for any, vote for Session 1843 – why I hear you ask?

Well to be fair it is a shameless plug 🙂 but that aside, where else are you going to get Forbes Guthrie, Scott Lowe and Maish Saidel-Keesing talking about Design practice.  for the uninitiated these three illuniartie have submitted a session as an opportunity to present your questions and voice your opinions on vSphere Design at VMworld. The Shameless plug relate to the fact that yours truely is the session moderator.

so what exactly is Session 1843 Your vSphere Design and a Session with the Experts all about? below is the blerb from the VMworld website.

Every infrastructure administrator would like to have the best of all worlds from their virtual infrastructure. You want a solid and sound foundation to build your datacenter and your cloud environment for the future. Join in this session with the 3 authors of VMware vSphere Design who have "written the book" on how to get the most out your environment. Come join us for a one hour panel session where you can quiz the Experts on your Virtual Infrastructure Design. Join the Virtualization Experts and Authors; Forbes Guthrie from vReference, Scott Lowe of EMC, and Maish Saidel-Keesing from Technodrone for chance to get the answers to your vSphere design problems.

That side and forget about the fact that I am the moderator, I think that the chance to be in a question and answer session with these three gurus is too good a thing to miss.

If you think so as well – then come on over and cast your vote on the Public Session Voting. You will need a VMworld account – which is easy to set up.

the list below is taken from the site FAQs,

Q: Who can participate in Session Voting?
A: Anyone with a
vmworld.com account can vote.
Q: How long is Session Voting open?
A: Session Voting is open May 9 – May 18.
Q: Am I voting on sessions for both events – US and EMEA?
A: Yes, this is global and 80% of sessions selected will occur at both events.
Q: I’d like to vote on a specific track and/or session. How can I do this?
A: Once you login to the voting site, select a Track and a dropdown menu will appear with the relevant topics. You can also search by Area of Interest (Healthcare, SMB, etc.) or Keywords (Session ID, title, speaker, etc.).
Q: How many sessions can I vote on?
A: You can vote on as many sessions as you’d like. You can only cast one vote per session.
Q: How do I cast my vote?
A: Click on the “Thumbs Up” symbol next to the Session ID. You will receive confirmation that your vote has been counted. To remove a vote, you will need to click on the on the “Thumbs Up” symbol again and this will remove the vote.
Q: Will my votes be saved?
A: Yes, your votes will be saved and you will be able to view them each time you login to the voting site.

What are the technical level descriptions?
A: There are three technical levels:

  • Business Solution – Sessions in this category will cover business benefits and real world examples. These sessions are suitable for any audience interested in the benefits of using certain technologies within their organization.
  • Technical – Sessions in this category will cover technical aspects and share best practices. Targeted to anyone with a technical background, but with little to no previous knowledge about the specific topic.
  • Advanced Technical – Sessions in this category will dive deep into the technology and will assume that the audience has previous knowledge and experience with the specific topic.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?
A: You can send an email to