From Bangkok with love

Hello John, thank you for your support to the VMware community and for everything you do. It is just too much to start listing it down here. I just wanted to thank you and wish you the best birthday ever.

The Importance of People Like John Troyer

 Many companies employ people to run their social media, but very few employ technically competent, truly community focused individuals. I had been following John Troyer for a while on Twitter and then had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife (@dailykat) at the VMworld 2010 Tweet Up. It was great to finally put a face to a name and since then I’ve continued to be impressed with John’s ability to be professional and have fun in his role.

John continues to amaze me in his ability, not to only represent his company, but also to know the many individuals he is connected to and embrace them for their contribution to the community also. I am never certain if John is up late or early, as he seems to be permanently on Twitter and the community forums, responding to discussions around the world. His role is not an easy one, I’m sure, but he deals with issues with integrity and also takes the time to listen to the community. And whilst he represents his company he is a huge ambassador for SoMe in the universal sense of the word.

John is a huge asset to VMware (as I’ve blogged about before) and he should be proud of the work he conducts at VMware and continues as a shining light in the virtualization industry of what SoMe and community is all about.

Happy Birthday John, and continue raising the bar in the virtual world!