How to install VMware Fusion – this is short :)

OK so by now you know that Mr I will never have an Apple, has as a result of my new job become the possessor of a MBP. :S

So what was one of the first things I did, apart from changing the password 🙂

That’s right downloaded and installed VMware Fusion. I thought I would show every body how easy it is to install Fusion on a MBP so here goes.

one go to theVMware download site as shown below

.Download Fusion VMware Site

Click the Download button.


Read the EULA 😉

EULA Agree

Click Yes to agree, or it all stops here 🙂


I chose the small file as I already have a AV product. once the file has downloaded,  Double click the file in Finder.


then simply move the VMware Fusion Icon to the Application Folder and wait……..

Yes that is really it.  Fusion is now installed and you are ready to start running lovely VM’s on your OSx environment.



A few useful keyboard combinations for the Mac

I have recently become the owner of a MBP. it is not something that I would ever have purchased myself. but I have found myself liking it,  Here are a few of the little tips that I have found useful.


Apple key + Space Bar =   Spotlight,  this allows you to enter the a couple of characters of the application you are looking for and they all appear in a little drop down box,

the Apple Key give similar functionality to that of the Cntl key on a windows machine. So:-

Apple + V is the same as Cntl + V or paste.

Apple  + X is move

Apple + C is copy

Apple + B is Bold

Apple + A is select all

Apple + Z is revert the last change.

Apple + N is New.

one thing that was annoying me was the lack of a Hash/Pound (#) Key on my UK keyboard, but that is accessed by using Alt + 3