Book Review: VMware Horizon Suite: Building End-User Services

Publisher VMware Press
Author Stephane Asselin & Paul O’Doherty
ISBN 978-0-13-347908-9
Costs (UK) Amazon Book Format = £33.99
Kindle Format = £17:79

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Book Review: I wish I could do Visio like Frank or Hany

Now if you are like me. you have Microsoft Visio open almost as much as you have Microsoft work.  But if you are like me, your diagrams may be correct, but they do not have that wow factor.

If you have Duncan and Franks new book, you will have noticed those fantastic clock face time line diagrams explaining the timescales surrounding HA failover and failures.


well could I figure out how they were done, could I heck as like, so what was I to do, 

Well obviously I did what every good techie does, I consulted the great oracle in the either Mr G.oogle.  and here I found a real gem of a site. hosted by Chris Hoth one of Microsoft’s Visio MVPs. 

Now Chris has written a book on Visio 2010 so I thought I’ll have a piece of that. Well it arrived today and looking through the book there on page 184 was exactly what I was looking for “A radial Array of Arrows”.  this little gem was worth the purchase price to me on its own,  I have the feeling that this little book will become of of those heavily used favourites that almost fall apart with use.

The book has also showed me how to create layers.

So now I have the starting blocks,  now I have to make them look as good 🙂

Book Review: VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference

This is the long awaited book by five of the most experienced PowerShell gurus in the world.  To say it has been eagerly anticipated would be an understatement,  I am sure that many including my self were begging for a preview.

So is it worth the wait and does it live up to the expectations.

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Book Review: VMware VI and vSphere SDK by Steve Jin

SteveJinWhen this book arrived I thought yes, now I can actually learn something about the Java SDK for VMware, but my initial enthusiasm was dampened,  this is not an easy read.  that is not to say it is a bad book.  it is very high level.  Steve Knows his subject and so he should he was the one who actually wrote the API for VMware.

Now firstly lets get something straight here, I AM NOT A CODER, or a SCRIPT JOCKEY.  the concepts outlined in this book would come as second nature to one of that ilk, and I should have been warned by the prerequisites which actually stated

BASIC JAVA PROGRAMMING SKILLS. I have problems with “Hello World”, so onwards and upwards, and Neitchse says “that which does not kill us only serves to make us stonger”

The book takes a pragmatic approach to showing how to program or script with the VI SDK’s.  It does not spend reams of pages explaining the minute intracies of the language. No Steve just gets on with it with well considered samples and then explains it all in clear and concise English.  This to me seemed to work very well.  Even I started to understand what was going on 😀

That said, the moral of the story is to persevere, and by the end of it I was feeling comfortable with the subject and this is more to Steve’s approach to the subject than any innate skills on my part.  Steve knowledge and understanding is obvious.  To sum up,  this book is quite a difficult read for those that have no skill in this area but it is well worth the effort.

Book Review: VMware vSphere Implementation: Mike Laverick

mike_LaverickBookIn the forward to this book I wrote:

“Mike’s conversation writing style brings VMware vSphere 4 Implementation to life.  His skills gained as a VMware trainer show in his ability to break down complex theories and procedures into bite-size easily digestible portions.  Whether you are an absolute beginner with virtualization or a guru, you will find plenty of use for this book so I thoroughly recommend it to everyone”

These were not just platitudes I sincerely meant them.  This book loosely follows the format of the Install and Configure Course that Mike regularly teaches and can readily be used as a revision resource for your VCP4 exam.  it is well writen with good clear diagrams and illustrations.

Mike is a VCI who is based out of the UK with many years experience.   This book is not Mikes first tome he is the author or contributor on many books,  you can find him at