Using VMware in the Public Cloud – Oracle Community RoundTable

Back in the day Oracle was not known for its love of all things cloud or virtual, however Larry has had an Epiphany and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is now a well featured alternative to the other major providers. however one thing that may have passed you by is that Oracle and VMware are now on talking terms.

if fact for those of us long in the virtualization tooth, that have now have our godfather John Troyer working with them to help create a friendly face to the big Red.

Oracle has as a result recently instituted a Community Roundtable, this one is about a major new Oracle/VMware initiative. VMware on Bare Metal OCI machines. yes that is correct, just like AWS and Azure and IBM, VMware vSphere can be installed directly onto bear metal servers inside of OCI have a listen to this webinar hosted by the veritable JT, and moderated by my good friend Patrick Rednap. you may also recognize some of the panelists too. 🙂

Panel Guests included:

You can watch the recorded community roundtable now!

Find out more about Oracle Cloud VMware Solution:

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