esXpress runs into issues in 2010

Looks like the change to 2010 caused issues, very simular to what most feared when we changed into the year 2000. It looks like when we moved into 2010 it caused issues with all version of esXpress, 3.1.* and 3.6 not allowing it to run delta backups.  Right now the scheduled backups are running as straight full backups, which obviously adds more time and more storage space needed.  I don’t believe the dedup process is affected with this glitch.

It looks like they’re already in testing for a fix, and I have been told that they will be patching both 3.1.* and the 3.6 versions (for all you that are still running 3.1.*, you wont need to upgrade quite yet). For more updates please keep your eye on this thread –

I’m hoping they get out a patch sometime today (1/5/10) but in the mean time make sure you have plenty of storage space to house all the full backups until they fix the issue.



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  1. Nice catch Kyle, hopefully PHD will have the patch out sooner rather than later.

  2. PHD has released a fix for the 3.1.* which is release 3.1.22. I have personally tested this and it does fix the issue, according to the thread on their forums, they are still testing their 3.6.* fix.

  3. According to PHD’s website all fixes have been released to the public.

  4. This has now been resolved for all releases.

    Full information is on the support thread here:

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