Scott Lowe Starts as a Warrior Monk

Today is Scott’s first day at EMC working in Chad’s Army and although a sad loss to his previous employers ePlus and those customers that he engaged with, let me wish him all the best in this new endeavour of his. Like you I know that he will rock the kasbah. Scott is one of those rare IT professionals that are knowledgeable and personable. He made a comment recently on Twitter about being him being 3miles across and 1″ deep from a technical standpoint, I think that his definition of an inch is significantly different to mine and a few others. If Scott is only an inch deep then I am down to a couple of millimeters depth :D,  you just have to read his blog posts or his book (buy it you know you want too, it is well worth the money) to understand he is a rare individual.

So once again All the best in your new position, Chad and gained a valuable asset to his team.

One thought on “Scott Lowe Starts as a Warrior Monk”

  1. Tom, thanks for your kind words! I’m excited about the possibilities here at EMC and I look forward to being able to share lots of great content with everyone in the coming months and years!

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