VCP 4 is now mine

Well I finally plucked up the courage to sit the VCP-410 exam, well to be fair it was the impending deadline that really made me do it, and the fact that “She who must be obeyed” would have beat me senseless if I had to take the “Whats new” course through my laziness.  I am pleased to say that I passed 😀

The exam was a significant improvement on the VCP 310 exam,  it was a little more challenging and the profile was more to do with real environment questions rather than the how many vCPU’s can you have if it is a Thursday afternoon just before tea time type questions.

So what is my advise for the exam,  well the number one is use the blueprint as a guide for your revision,  also also visit longy’s resource for some very good guidance and test questions.  and play with the environment.  There are certain question you can only answer if you have seen the products.

Good luck to those that are yet to commence on the journey,  I am just about to start the next trip, my ascent up mount VCDX.  Bon voyage


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