Read/Write RCLI for ESXi

Duncan of YellowBricks fame recently posted the following,

One of the most discussed topics when ESXi was released for free was the fact the the Remote Command Line Interface(RCLI) was read only. Today Rich from VM/ dropped the news that as of ESXi 3.5 U3 the RCLI is read/write. Why is this important? For ESXi there’s no Service Console. The RCLI contains most Service Console commands which are very useful during maintenance, troubleshooting or automating certain tasks. I haven’t seen an official announcement yet unfortunately. But as soon as it’s up there I will post it here.

Well today I noticed that the page has a 404 error, on futher investigation it seems that the release of a read/write RCLI for ESXi was a mistake,  that said I would not expect it to be reversed as that would be playing into the hands of  their competitors

Update:    Duncan’s post has reappeared 😀

One thought on “Read/Write RCLI for ESXi”

  1. Too funny. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at VMware today.

    In today’s world of instant communication and all the different social media outlets we have, these kinds of mistakes by vendors end up being disseminated to thousands (or tens of thousands) before they even have a chance to react. VMware likely would have quietly “fixed” it with a patch, now if they do the backlash will be extreme.

    Oh and a note to VMware: your QA process and regression testing needs an overhaul. It’s only been a few months since the licensing fiasco… thankfully in this case what’s bad for the vendor, was sweet for the end user. 😉

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