I am getting to play with App-V a little bit more. Part 3

In parts one and two we concentrated on the Server side of the deployment, now it is time to configure the client.

Now I have installed a default installation of Windows Vista under Workstation and joined it to the PVM.internal domain.

All that we need to do here is install the client and test the streaming functionality from my Server to client.

  1. Run the setup.exe and install any of the necessary pre-reqs that have not been installed to date.
  2. On completion of the pre-reqs installation the welcome screen will appear. Click Next.
  3. As per usual read the license agreement, agree it and click Next.
  4. As per the Server I chose to utilise windows update once you have made your decision, click Next.
  5. In the setup type select custom to see the detail installation
  6. Keep the default installation path and click Next.
  7. In the data location section click Next.
  8. In the Cache Size setting i have just set a cache size but this option is down to how much you want. You can have up to 1TB if you really want that! In the runtime package policy click Next (although i could have put the ASR path in at this point!).
  9. In the Publishing Server Section set a name for the Settings (SGServer) and than select Enhanced Security Application Virtualization. In the Host Name my path is my certificates common name which is PVM_App-V.PVM.internal.
  10. Click Next and then click install
  11. Once installed click finish and then restart the computer.
  12. Now the ASR which we could have inputted Part 8, will have been inputted by GPO, which means if we now look in the registry we can see the settings that have been set by policy.  However if it has not populated then run a GPUPDATE /FORCE and get the policy.
  13. And once an application has been created and submitted to the management console you will be able to deliver a streamed application by delivered by RTSPS to my client. So now issue a DCRefresh and applications will now be streamed over RTSPS.

I hope this little series has helped you to quickly engage an App-V 4.5 test bed.  So if you have any problems or think that you want a few extra steps please feel free to ping me and let me know!