The First Brown Bag VCDX Session is locked and loaded

Following up on the interest from our last post, Cody Bunch and I will be running the first of what should become a series of VCDX Enterprise Admin Brown Bag sessions. The topic this week will be the CLI.

So all the good things like the ESXCFG c0mmands and useful Linux commands etc will be discussed.

Now remember to review the Advanced Admin Exam Blue print and come with all the questions and any advice you have, lets make these sessions the most useful resource for aiding everybody to help pass the exam.

Now for the first week we are going to give this a shot with DimDim, therefore we can accept a total of 25 folks. what this means is only if you have been accepted into the VCDX process, or have already taken and passed your Enterprise Admin Exam.  We are sorry about this but we are trying to keep any costs realated to this low infact not low actually Free.

Now please note that the time below is in CST (that is GMT-6).

Questions? fire them over either on Twitter or in the comments.  Look forward to seeing you there!

4 thoughts on “The First Brown Bag VCDX Session is locked and loaded”

  1. Hi,

    Do you plan further sessions, and do you have a copy of this previous presentation?


    1. Yes we do plan further Brown bags, we are looking to have these weekly, however that said the date of the next one has not bee finalised. Further we are looking for a better medium to utilize when making the session.

    1. currently we are doing our Brownbags for the VCDX3 version, but once VMware release the Blueprints for the VCDX 4 we will start to add those into the sessions too

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