VCP BrownBag – Tuesday 9th March

The next iteration of the VCP 4 Brownbags has been locked and loaded, those of you with a sharp eye will notice something different on this session,  Cody has gone all professional.  Now the reason this session has been termed a beta is he is testing a new platform for hosting these and the subsequent VCDX Brownbags too. That said even through it is  a test the session is a live one. So Sign up,  it does not matter if you are already a VCP or not,  Those that are VCP are welcome for their experiance. So if you’re up for it register at the link below:

Date: Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM CST
Registration: Here!

This session will be recorded and put up under the new “Brown Bag” section. Note: The VCDX Link does not work at present.

Warning – REMEMBER Those of you that are VCP’s do not forget that you are under NDA regarding Exam questions, this session is not a Braindump exercise, but a real attempt at a focused study group.

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