I’m a Chinwagee

Yesterday (19th March 2010) I had the great pleasure of being invited by Mike Laverick to be the focus of his weekly chinwag session, for those that do not know what a chin wag is, it is a UK slang idiom meaning a meandering talk.

Apparently this chinwag was the longest to date, which just goes to show that Mike and I could both talk at the Olympics games and come back with Gold and Silver 🙂

We discussed a wide range of subject including the VCDX Brown bags that Cody Bunch and I are doing, I really must apologise to Cody for getting his website wrong 🙁 it is www.professionalvmware.com, our continual frustration with VMware Beta invitation strategy (do or do we not get an invite etc), VMware View and the VMTN communities.

Mike mentioned an anecdote about meeting him on the outward bound plane to VMworld 2009, what he forgot to mention was the my Son and I had somehow managed to get upgraded to Club and when we spotted him in Cattle Class, we started to wave our champagne glasses at him. LOL.  To be fair I was surprised he even spoke to us after that.

Well if you want to listen to our meanderings pop on over to Mikes site to view the video.