New Global VMUG

It Seems like VMware are to introduce a new VMU, and this time its Global.

This sounds interesting and could have some interesting additional benefits for members, I am particularly intrigued by the  1st item in the list, where it seems to intimate accessibility to VMware training.

I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out, and hopefully it will more inclusive as to its membership criteria and allow “independent Consultants to take an active part as evangelists, and not castigate them by denying them the opportunity to add value to steering committees by banning them.

I have copied the mail in its entirety below:

VMware User Group Members,

Since the creation of the VMware User Group Program (VMUG) in 2004, we now have 140 chapters and over 30,000 members that span 32 countries. VMware knows how a group of passionate customers and stakeholders can positively impact a company and its direction. As groups and membership continues to grow, VMware is committed to providing an infrastructure that will support and maximize the value of the VMUG program to the VMware ecosystem.

I am excited to share with our User Group members that VMware is supporting the establishment of an independent, global customer-led, customer-driven VMware User Group (VMUG), to be launched in June 2010. Through an independent global VMUG, we believe we strengthen our collective VMware and VMUG value proposition with expanded collaboration, member programs, and benefits.

As a VMware User Group Member, the new independent VMUG will enable you to:

  1. Tap into new VMUG member benefits and programs, such as Special Interest Groups, webinars, and VMware technical education offerings
  2. Increase your value to your organization by becoming the recognized VMware subject matter expert through knowledge and contacts gained through VMUG
  3. Become part of a global, collective customer voice, impacting VMware products/services

One of the most exciting aspects of an independent VMUG organization is that VMUG will be led by VMware customers—your peers. The VMUG Steering Committee has been charged with providing strategic direction and leading the formation of an independent, global VMUG—ensuring long-term value for VMUG members.

In the coming weeks I look forward to announcing the VMUG Steering Committee. Frequent and open channels will be available to the VMUG membership to provide feedback and questions to the VMUG Steering Committee. Should you have immediate questions or feedback please feel to send your questions or comments to

This is a very exciting initiative for the entire VMware community and I look forward to the value an independent, global VMware User Group can provide.


Kathi Kaplan
Vice President, Global Programs

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