New Contributing Author.

I would like to welcome Kyle Hughes,  as a Contributing author on PlanetVM.Net. 

Kyle has working with computers nearly his whole life starting around 5-6 years old playing on DOS, some ridiculously slow dial up internet, and maybe 8bit video games, A True Geek in every sense of the work ;). Had his first “computer job” in the 5th grade helping the school with their computer labs, installing new software and whatever else they had him do. Eventually started building custom gaming computers in high school and somehow found himself in a trade school where he worked towards three AS degrees within network management, along with a CCNA, MCP (he still currently working on his mcse in is free time(Where does anybody find this thing called free time)). After using VMware server and workstation for a couple years brazenly showed his employers what could be done with virtualization and convinced them to move Virtual a little over a year ago. Quickly obtained his VCP and has easily fell into the role of the VMware admin. Even though by his own words he is “extremely new to the ESX world by most standards“, He is a regular and knowledgable contributor on the VMTN communities forums if you want to check him out his forum name is khughes. and on top of all that a very nice guy. 🙂

Now that sounds extremely corny, but you can blame Duncan for the write up 😉

his first post will be online shortly.

I hope that he will continue to produce articles of the standard shown in his first post.

9 thoughts on “New Contributing Author.”

  1. Kyle, Welcome.

    I am also very new to the blog Sphere as well, and am still learning on the Virtual Front.

    I do a lot of cross linking at this point because it lets me compile the data I find useful to my self into one location. We are still looking at San storage vendors, so you could say we are still very new to VMware and the virtual world at my work place.

    Roger L

  2. Good luck with the post Kyle, i too am just starting off blogging.

    Do you have a twitter account?


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