Storage SuperHeavy Weight Challenge

A you may already know, Myself and Cody Bunch have actually managed to get a session accepted for VMworld,

The TA8623’s session details are shown below

Session Details:

Title Storage Super-Heavyweight Challenge
Abstract Panel session to discuss all things storage, panelled by some of the best known storage experts from the major vendors.
Moderators: Tom Howarth Owner PlanetVM.Net
Cody Bunch Owner
US Speakers: Adam Carter Worldwide Product Manager HP Storage Hewlett Packard
Vaughn Stewart Virtualization Evangelist NetApp
Chad Sakac Vice President, VMware Technology Alliance EMC Corporation
AN Other To be announced Dell
Technical Level: Technical
Track Technology and Architecture
Subtopic Storage

Now the format for this fun packed session is open format questions from the floor, however some times you little session attendee’s are a little bit shy in coming forward to ask the questions, so I am opening this up to the community. Please add any questions that you would like to ask the panellists as comment to this post, 

Cody and I will choose the best 5 to be used as filler questions, 

so thanks in anticipation.

4 thoughts on “Storage SuperHeavy Weight Challenge”

  1. I’m looking forward to this sessions. I’d suggest that the questions focus on how storage technologies can accelerate the adoption of virtual infrastructures and cloud deployments.

    I think VAAI and the future of vStorage APIs, Storage IO Control, SAN vs NAS, Storage Efficiencies like thin provisioning, Storage Federation, etc…

    Questions pertaining to specific vendor technologies should be directed to vendor booths on the show floor.

  2. How do the storage vendors deal with storage “bloat” on primary storage, that result from supporting hypervisors on shared storage infrastructure? Is that capability part of the core primary storage or an add-on?

    How do the storage vendors address backup/recovery in large hypervisor environments and what type of recovery time objectives can be anticipated for those environments (say, for 1000 VMs and 10,000 VMs), assuming the entire environment needs to be recovered? What other equipment or software is needed to do this, beyond their core storage?

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