VMworld Day Two

As day two starts to calm down and the last sessions start to end a lot of news was presented to the VMworld attendees.  Some of the highlights of the keynote from this morning was the release of vCloud Director (formerly known as project redwood), release of security suites from edge to endpoint, acquisition of Integrien, and the introduction to the “cloud stack”.  A lot of this information was anticipated but still a lot of information to take in during the keynote.  A big thing I noticed from Paul Maritz he was pushing a lot of these changes to the cloud was going to happen with or without VMware but they want to be the one to push the issues.  The replay of the keynote this morning can be found at www.vmworld.com

Another busy day at the sessions around the Moscone center, with sessions at capacity again.  For the most part things seemed to run a bit smoother today as people calmed down and realized they were going to eventually get into all the classes they wanted to get into.  I spent the day trying to adjust to this “cloud” idea moving away from our cluster setup.  I decided to switch a session from vSphere best practices to moving your cluster to private cloud.  Unfortunately I ran into a session where the speaker didn’t speak on anything that was in the subject of the session.  There were quite a few angry people, like myself, leaving that session.   Besides that most of the other sessions I was in were informative and useful, and was able to take a few things here and there that I could implement.

After a few years of VMworld I’ve learned a few things about not burning yourself out on sessions early on in the week and allow for networking time where you learn quite a bit.  I made sure today was a shorter day as tomorrow will be long with the VMworld party scheduled and one more day after that.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a quiter day in the solutions exchange as I have mapped out some vendors I would like to sit down with and really learn more about their product.  I’ll have a beer or alcoholic slush puppy  for everyone who wasn’t able to make it down to to VMworld 2010 tomorrow at the party.

Author: Kyle Hughes

Most people know me from the VMTN boards as user khughes. Been a little sparse as of late but looking to get back in the swing of things

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