VMworld 2010 Day 3, 4 and Closing Thoughts

While everything is starting close down, the solution exchange is now closed and the final sessions are starting up, here are a few closing thoughts while combining day three and day four.  Day three was composed of a few sessions but my day to really browse around the solutions exchange to see if I could fill some needs at my company.  I thought one of the better sessions I attended during day three was the “Storage Best Practices, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting.  While it was given by an IBM employee, he kept away from really selling their products, besides a few jokes here and there.  Being someone who is getting more into our storage systems I’m learning a little bit here and there regarding calculating IOPS, what does and doesn’t matter and better options to go down.  Of course there was the VMworld party Wednesday evening, which is the primary reason of no day three write up, the adult beverages were flowing quite freely…  I will say while I enjoyed the main band of Foreigner more last year, the overall party was better than 2009.  They brought in more games, more things to do, expanded into the Metreon and their arcades.

Day four for me, like some may know, was a very long morning just trying to get to the conference unfortunately.  I live about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco so I had been using public transportation (BART rail) to get into the city which hasn’t been too much of an issue since Moscone center is only a few blocks from a station.  This morning started off with a small earthquake (3.3) in the Bay Area and a region of BART’s rail lines which caused an immediate halt of all BART trains for a 5-10min period followed by current inspection of the rails by trains out on the tracks, which meant the train I was on went under half the speed it would normal go.  Finally was nearing my stop and got up to realize “Where is my VMworld badge….?” I worked backwards and figured I left it at the station where I got on the train.  Headed an hour back to that station, luckily someone turned it into lost and found and then got on the next train back into the train for another hour ride to San Francisco… by the time I got to the Moscone Center it was close to 12:30pm and I have missed the two sessions I was really looking forward to this morning.  I guess what’s nice about VMworld you can always just watch them from your couch at home later on.  I was able to catch my last scheduled session which was TA8133 – Best Practices to increase Availability and Throughput for VMware which was hosted by Vaughn Stewart, NetApp and Chad Sakac, EMC.  These two storage powerhouses put on a great session which, for a reason I can’t explain, I didn’t pull out my Flip video to record because it was quite an informative session.  I would say that was the best one for me all week.  If you get the sessions from VMworld 2010, I would defiantly say check out that session for great storage tips.

Overall 2010 was another great VMworld.  The weather this year has been pretty weird in California all year but this week really showed the true “California weather” and how nice it can be here.  I even broke out the shorts today, something that you may never get to do all year here.  I find myself very lucky to have attended the last three conferences even with the down economy.  While there were some changes that were implemented I didn’t quite agree with or understand, next year will be at Vegas which I think can handle such a large conference a lot better.  This year there was over 17,000 attendees I think which was up from last year and I’m sure even more next year as virtualization continues to grow.

On a personal note, while I wasn’t too upset earlier this year when I wasn’t reselected as a vExpert 2010 after getting it in 2009 I found myself really missing it especially when they had the vExpert session before the party and everyone I knew disappeared to the “not-so-secret” location.  Hopefully this conference gave me the motivation to get my participation up in the VMTN forums and here on the blog side.  Also, coming from a SMB environment and not finding as much material for my type of builds I’m looking forward after bouncing ideas from some fellow friends about going for a session in 2011.

That’s it from VMworld 2010, looking forward to 2011 and another great conference.  Maybe next year Tom can make it from across the pond to share some slush puppies in Vegas!  Now it’s off to settle a score with Brian Atkinson (VMroyale from VMTN) from VMworld 2008 at the go-cart track!

Author: Kyle Hughes

Most people know me from the VMTN boards as user khughes. Been a little sparse as of late but looking to get back in the swing of things

One thought on “VMworld 2010 Day 3, 4 and Closing Thoughts”

  1. Huh, there was an earthquake? I didn’t even notice it. I stayed a the Travelodge on 1450 Lombard Street and went to the Moscone by Muni line 30. A thirty minute ride through Chinatown fully loaded with commuters. At least, one could spot the other VMworld attendees by the backpack or badge or t-shirt.
    This was my first VMworld, perhaps also my last. While there were very interesting sessions (most TAxxx, also most about storage), others had overlapping chapters. So I will bring home some ideas about memory overcommiting, about partition aligning and about long, very long line-ups together with (too) small food breaks.
    The party was ok, the lines for drinks were quite short especially in contrast to the food lines, the sound of INXS at the big hall D was not so great. I left after the third song.

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