Rimmergram #4 – Customer SoMe Etiquette

I have been amazed at some interactions on Twitter recently between vendors and their customers. Not so much vendors, per se, but their representatives.  The dialogues I witnessed were, I believe, just passionate rather than malicious, but it is important to accept customer input, comments, feedback – even if you do think they are moaning, bitching or just being plain rude.

As we all know and recognise Twitter is a massive public forum and it really provides immense value to us all in terms of knowledge transfer, insight and edification.  When imparting information, intelligence or just thoughts, you should always bear in mind that others may not share your point of view, or indeed may have diametrically opposed thoughts.  But if the person you are interacting with is a customer don’t be inflammatory in public – either DM them or get their contacts out of your CRM system and call them.  No matter how well you know a customer, or how many beers you’ve ever drunk with them, if you don’t agree with them, don’t state it publicly for the whole world to see and never retaliate by accusing them of moaning!

We are all guilty of responding to email too quickly and our reply being read in the wrong context, but that email had a limited audience.  So it is always worth re-reading a Tweet before responding just in case its tone could be misconstrued. While you might know you are right and the customer is wrong, they are the customer, you are merely their supplier. But as your company’s representative you have to portray professionalism at all times and that is a skill, whereas passion is an emotion – and emotion is a dangerous thing at times.