The top 25 independent Virtualization Bloggers

Today I posted my view on the top 25 virtualisation bloggers list as posted by Eric on,  a number of people approached me as a result and requested a view of the top 25 without Vendors.

Now before the vendors start getting shouty at me,  I am in no way casting aspersions on their content or denigrating their blogs, for  they are a constant source of useful information for me and many others.  However they can suffer from a lack of independence, in that they are biased towards their respective employers technology. That said,  Chad, Vaughn and others in the Storage space have produced some excellent vendor agnostic posts over the years. and long may they keep this up.

Now yesterdays post seems to have polarised opinion, and what was supposed to be a light hearted prod at my friends in EMC/VMware appears to have struck a cord with them regarding their integrity,  this was never intended to be the case, I have nothing but respect for them.

So I will state here that yesterdays post was not intended to ATTACK anybody, and if they thought it was well, perhaps they need to look to their own consciouses.  but it is a fact that a proportion of those that have joined a vendor since the last vote have either stopped or slowed their blogging activity, (on the whole this has been reflected in a negative position change for them) or they have ceased doing any competitive posts, (Again this may just be done to opportunity as they are now focused on their employers technology and do not have any access to competing products).  Hany I am not looking at you here,  you have never posted anything other the VMware related work, and for that I am eternally glad. your diagrams have helped my understand complex issues, and with you the adage “a picture saves a thousand words” have never been truer. 🙂

But the fact remains that the top 25 is bloated with Vendor Blogs.

So without further ado below is the list with out any vendors.  it is interesting to note that #25  in the independent blogger list was number 43 in the official list.

Non Vendor Position Position in official list Blog Employer
1 4 Independent
2 5 RTFM Education Independent
3 7 vSphere-land Independent
4 8 Virtualization Evangelist Independent
5 10 Gabe’s Virtual World Independent
6 13 Independent
7 19 vReference Independent
8 21 LucD Notes Independent
9 23 ESX Virtualization Independent
10 25 Virtually Ghetto Independent
11 26 The VM Guy Independent
12 27 Arnim van Lieshout Independent
13 28 Virtual Insanity various
14 29 Independent
15 30 Kendrick Coleman Independent
16 31 By The Bell Independent
17 32 Technodrone Independent
18 34 Independent
19 35 PlanetVM Independent
20 36 Vinternals Independent
21 37 Virtual Admin Notes Independent
22 40 Everyday Virtualization Independent
23 41 Chris Wolf Independent
24 42 VMware Training and Certification Independent
25 43 GesalitIT Independent

13 thoughts on “The top 25 independent Virtualization Bloggers”

  1. Chris Wolf isn’t really independent, as Gartner is his employer – but he still writes awesome content!

  2. As does Steve Kaplan – By the Bell – who’s employer is INXS. But I get your drift, Tom, you’re focusing on bloggers who aren’t employed by vendors.

    1. While I agree that Steve and Chris are not truely independent, in that they work for a VAR and an Analyst company respectively, they are not however aligned with a particular vendor through employment. if you only counted independents as those that worked for end users I would be suprised if we could get a top 25 out of the full 115 blogs on Erics list 😀

  3. Tom, your commentary yesterday did make an interesting point, and I’m delighted to get #24 in the list above! Now I just have to make it onto your Blog Roll and my work will be complete 😉

    I think there’s a number of possible reasons why the vSphere-land Top 25 is so vendor-dominated:
    – a strategy by the vendors to “get their message out”
    – the bloggers themselves wanting to work for a vendor
    – the bloggers exposure perhaps being limited to their new employers’ technology
    – those voting in the poll value and trust the blogger, given their employer


  4. I work for a Reseler if I can say that. We resell and install many products, but I mostly blog on stuff that I either:

    1. Like to blog about
    2. Need for how-to, bookmark.
    3. I’m exposed to.

    Since I’m not exposed to a Celerra, I’m not blogging about it …. yet.. -:)

    No, but seriously, I don’t see it’s bad that certain bloggers are VMware of EMC, as long as they keep posting, and as long as it’s interesting enough to readers. If the majority of readers does not need a deep dive articles then they won’t stick with the blogger. It’s up to blogger to adapt his style of blogging so he can get more visitors (if it’s this what he’d like….)

    Or if the blogger posts only articles concerning one single product (company) the readers might like a little variation on the subject too… It’s fairly difficult to find the ‘right sauce’ to blog.


  5. Tom,
    I like this point of view. I don’t think in anyway the list generated by vSphere-land should be looked down upon because most of them are “insiders”. I don’t feel like for a second they are biased in their blogging. I also don’t feel like they are pushing any products on us. That being said, it is nice to see a list of independent bloggers, I’m independent and I still didn’t crack the top 25. Maybe next year.

    GStuart (

  6. One other thing I want to add here, which to some degree contradicts the simplistic view in my previous comment…

    Would we ever have got to learn so much about HA, DRS, ESXTOP, and now vCloud if it wasn’t for Duncan and his position at VMware?

    That’s just one example of the real value that vendor-employed bloggers can bring to the community at large 🙂

  7. Does it really matter what allegiance us bloggers have so long as what is written has value and is hopefully interesting to all concerned. It’s good that we have insight from bloggers on the vendor side who are willing to share and help as well as enough “independents” to give balance and question the status quo. Hopefully I make the top 25 in the future 🙂

  8. Damn I did not make it in any of the two Top 25’s!
    Maybe because I’m an independant working for VMware, how about that!?
    Tom we need a new Top 25 with such criteria. I hope I could make it this time LOL


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