VMUG (VMware User Group) Advantage

I have to admit that this one slipped under my radar, but apparently this an offer from the VMUG to  provide cheaper access to certain VMware products.  so the first question is what is the VMUG? it is VMware’s independent, and global organization that supports the local VMware User Groups. it was re-organised in mid 2010 to become a more customer-led organisation and appointed a number of Local VMUG leaders to a council to promote their message which is to maximize their members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events

WOW you say so how can join, Now membership to VMUG is free of charge (you can sign-up here). there are local VMUG’s that regularly hold meetings, for example the UK as the London VMUG, the Northern VMUG, and the Scottish VMUG. However the global VMUG introduced what it has called the ‘Advantage’ programme; this is a paid-for addition to your membership which gives you an opportunity to obtain certain VMware products and education offerings at a discounted price.

The full benefits are listed here (and include a 20% discount on instructor led training;30% discount on VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation; and 1 Years FREE subscription to all VMware eLearning Courses (worth $750)!

Now as an  incentive, membership prices have been discounted until May 21st, 2011:

  • Individual package: $170

  • Corporate package with 2 users: $165 per user

  • Corporate package with 3+ users: $160 per user

Standard VMUG Advantage Pricing (after May 21st) will be:

  • Individual package: $200

  • Corporate package with 2 users: $180 per user

  • Corporate package with 3 – 5 users: $170 per user

  • Corporate package with 6+: $160 per user

If this interests you, you can subscribe here.

Although this is  a nice addition to what the VMUG’s offer it is still not TechNet,  now many people may not realise this but VMware used to have a similar offering to TechNet called the VMTN subscription for £199 a year, this product went end of life with the release of VI3. My personal wish is that this be returned, and made available in a similar fashion to Microsoft’s TechNet.