My first TechFieldDay

I have just come back from Boston MA where I have been a delegate on TechFieldDay 6.Β  now this was my first ever TFD, and I would like to thank Steven Foskett for firstly organising these fantastic events and secondly for honouring me with an invite.Β  It was with some trepidation that I got off the plane in Boston, well I was just about to spend two full days in the company of Gabrie van Zanten πŸ˜‰ seriously thoughΒ  I was unsure as to what I was about to enter,Β  previous delegates had told me I was in for a treat, but that does not remove first day nerves :).

I think that Shannon summed up the sentiment exactly when he stated what a Great bunch of people to be spend time with, some of the delegates I knew from the London VMUG

Mike Laverick Laverick-30
Chris Dearden Dearden-30

some from VMworld

Gabrie van Zanten, VanZanten-30
Edward Haletky Haletky-30

The others through the medium of Twitter

Chris Wells Wells-30
Todd Scalzott Scalzott-30
Shannon Snowden Snowden-30
Christian Mohn Mohn-30
Ed Czerwin Czerwin-30

Some I already considered Friends, others I now consider friends.Β  We had one absentee who unfortunately came down with appendicitis, fortunately he is better now.

Theron Conrey Conrey-30

Our Glorious leaders Steven and his glamorous assistant Claire Chaplais did an excellent job interfacing with the vendors who were presenting to us, but more importantly than that keeping such a ragtag bunch of technology geeks in toe, they never once lost a delegate (it am looking at you Simon Seagrave πŸ˜‰ ) and surprisingly managed to get us everywhere on time too, not a bad effort considering Boston Traffic and the early starts. although next time remember that Tea is a beverage too, much more refreshing that that mud you Americans drink, I think you call it cor-feeh

I will be posting my thoughts from the presentations over the next couple of days but finally I would like to thank the vendors for their presentations, it is often difficult pitching to pure geeks, and one final thought.Β 

Ice-Cream with Bacon bits in it is just plain wrong.


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