Brownbags are coming to Europe

Those of you with long memories will remember that I used to be involved in Cody’s Brownbag series of online training sessions.  That is until he  moved the the sessions to 1am in the morning GMT/BST.  Well I need my beauty sleep and obviously something had to give. 😀

Well the time is neigh to reintroduce the European Virtual folks to the Brownbag concept so with Cody’s express permission


Virtualization Brownbags the European return.

So starting at 7pm on the 7th of July this will initially be a Bi-Weekly web-ex session.

Use the link below to register



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  1. Nice Tom, will they be downloadable Webex sessions? or just live only content?

    1. that is a good comment, hopefully they will be downloadable webex’s but that may depend on user capability LOL

  2. I’m delighted to have been asked by Tom to be the guest speaker for this first European session! See you all online on Thursday!

    1. Scott, I am more than happy to have you on board, at least one person there will now know what they are talking about 😀

  3. Just to highlight 7th July is also vBeers – perhaps next brownbag could be scheduled not on the first Thursday of the month? just saying….. 🙂

    1. hey, Brownbags are much more important that vBeers, we are building brains not destroying them 🙂 But I will remember that when the first of the month comes round

  1. […] the first European BrownBag takes place this Thursday, July 7th, and it starts at 7pm UK time. Tom has kindly asked me to […]

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