The Privilege of being honoured as a vExpert 2011

Having been remiss recently of writing a blog post for the marketing section of, the recent tranche of vExpert announcements has compelled me to write this post!

I am a bit of an anomaly (don’t all agree at once!), in that I am not an uber-geek and more technophobe than technophile – therefore I don’t conform to the usual mould of a vExpert. However, an important part of the selection criteria is “have gone above and beyond their day jobs…..”.  My contribution in this sense is largely my work as a steering committee member for the London VMware User Group.

I had previously been involved in the London VMUG  from a distance, normally providing sponsors for the committee, and when in 2010 Colin Styles resigned from the committee, they voted to elect me as a steering committee member. This in itself was an accolade as my esteemed committee members included Mike Laverick.

Having had the support of Mike, Stuart Thompson and Alaric Davies (fellow committee members) and UG members, such as Tom Howarth, Simon Seagrave, Steve Bruck,  Chris Dearden and many more, meant that they saw the need to have a balance in the UG committee of not just pure technical expertise, but the ability to grow and evolve both the UG and our membership to enhance the already successful London VMUG and take it to the next level.  This is what I believe I’ve been able to achieve and for what I have received the vExpert award for. Whilst not overtly technical I am an evangelist for VMware, virtualization and cloud technologies but more in a business sense than technical.

I am sure there area few people (sometimes myself included!) who might question my eligibility to be designated a vExpert and I am humbled by the accolade, but us VMUG committee members spend a considerable amount of our own time (and money) in promoting the better good of VMware virtualization and cloud solutions due to our belief and passion surrounding not just the technology but the overall community.  John Troyer is a huge asset to VMware (as I’ve blogged about before) and I am grateful to him and the panel of judges for awarding me vExpert 2011 – they and VMware are visionary in their approach to communities and long may it continue.

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