Another day at VMware, welcome to the View

Well today VMware have released a whole new set of product names,  I do hope that they are not starting to act like Citrix and change the products names every 5 minutes.

That said, on the whole I like the change. View by the way is the new name for VDM.  From a marketing perspective it makes sense.  VDM 3, (upps sorry View Manager 3) is no longer just a VM presenter,  it actually agregates remote RDP sessions into a single view (sic)

So your BladePC’s, Terminal Services Sessions (Desktop only not seamless) and traditional VDI are all presented in a single place.

I will be blogging later in more depth, but for the moment I would like to say 8 out of 10.  the reason for the 8 mark will become apparent in a later post.