How to Report an Issue to a VMTN Moderator

As you may or may not know,  I am one of the Moderators of the VMware Community Forums,  So what are our responsibilities, well we have to keep the mean streets of the forums clean from Spam, rouge Out of Office Agents, and occasionally intervene in a flame war or two.

Now Demi Gods that we obviously are 😉 we cannot be everywhere at all times, we do have our day jobs, you know the ones that pay the Mortgage etc to hold down as well.

So today Scott Vessey posted on Twitter that he needed to contact a moderator over an possible issue with a users post, but he could not find how to do it.  this got me to thinking as we had very recently put in place a system for alerting us.

But it seems that we have not been good enough with our marketing of that fact.

So how exactly do you get in touch with a moderator if you feel there is something on the forums that should not be there?

Quite simple really

the first thing that is needed is that you will need to be logged in as a User of the forums


Once you are logged in you Click the “Report Abuse” circled.ReportAbuse

This will take you to the Report abuse form


here you can make a choice from the drop down box and enter your reasons as to why you are reporting the post.  Once you are satisfied clikc the Report Abuse button to submit it

you are then returned back to the original post and you will notice that there is a Green notice appeared at the top

visibility What happens now is that all the moderators are sent a special Private Message.and their name will turn Orange

Moderatorpanel We will then click the Moderation hyperlink and receive the following.  The moderators then have the option to “Approve” or “Reject” the abuse report.


Note that you can also report abuse on the initial post, although the “Report Abuse” hyperlink is in a different location.  this is found in the Action box on the right of the page


I hope that this is helpful and Scott this one was for you 😀

3 thoughts on “How to Report an Issue to a VMTN Moderator”

  1. Nice one Tom.

    As a moderator I always keep wondering if “Approve” means “approve it is an issue” or “approve that it was OK” :p Need to think twice before pressing the button.

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