A little Competition

I’ve received a copy of VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference as a review copy, but I have already purchased one.  So I have one to give away.

At the last London VMUG I was speaking to Jonathon Medd one of the authors, and he suggested that I organise a competition for the thing the winner receives my spare copy of the Book.  So I thought that a PowerShell competition would be a nice way of sorting out the winners, but then with my level of programming / scripting skills (think have difficulty to create “Hello World”) I would not be able to tell a good script from a shopping list for Tesco’s (or if American “Walmarts”)


This is when the Jonathon jumped in to the rescue and said he would judge it.  Well I thought WOW.

So here is the rub,  Do you want a free copy of VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference, well then write a PoSH script that Mr Medd likes and its yours.

To enter the competition simply upload your script to the following location


You will have until the beginning of VMworld Vegas to upload your scripts and the winner will be announced on the 5th September.

Note,  LucD, Alan Renouf, et all will be disqualified, to allow us mere mortals a chance 😀

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