It’s all about the Software!

I read an extremely interesting and thought provoking article this week by Marc Andreessen, about software eating the world. And it got me thinking, as many of us start to prepare for our attendance at VMworld, it really is all about software these days. Just looking at the number of sponsors – over 250 of them – very, very few are hardware companies. Even those that are perceived as hardware companies, also have software divisions, EMC is a classic example.

Glancing through the list of sponsors in the Solutions Exchange, it would appear over three quarters are what I would deem ‘pure’ software vendors, i.e. not including all the service providers, cloud/hosting companies, etc. I highly recommend VMworld attendees to spend time in the Solutions Exchange, particularly the new innovators in booth 171 – not just because I will be there working with one of my clients! – because you might just find a gem of a solution to the challenges that you face in your daily IT life. It is great that VMworld provides a platform for new innovation to be highlighted and many of the companies that have been acquired over the past couple of years have participated in this section of the Solutions Exchange.

Bizarrely, Marc’s article talks about tech stock being undervalued by the markets. You will find my comments here, I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts. At the time of writing this post, Marc’s article had received 416 comments, so clearly an interesting topic!

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing many of you at VMworld!!

Jane Rimmer is owner of hiviz-marketing , strategic marketing consultancy servicing the IT industry and a 2011 vExpert.