Rimmer’s Round Up of VMworld Las Vegas 2011

VMware is definitely more than just a regular virtualization company and continues along the bleeding edge of innovation.  As Paul Maritz explains in this interview, VMware is growing into an IT Solutions company, focused on 3 key areas:

  • More efficient, automated infrastructure,
  • Renewal of applications – develop new apps to service the Facebook generation and
  • Renewal of end-user computing.

It was the end-user computing ‘angle’ of VMworld that was of most interest to me.  I was entranced Steve Herrod’s Tuesday keynote, always delivered from a business aspect as well as technical, despite him being the CTO.  With around half of the keynote being focused on end-user computing and applications, it demonstrated VMware’s thrust into this arena.

Vittorio Viarengo’s contribution to the keynote was fabulous – both in terms of content but also from an entertainment perspective.  As many have already blogged about, Appblast is really exciting, as is Horizon Mobile and Project Octopus.  It will be interesting, however,  to observe how VMware will deliver all of this cohesively, over time, to truly move beyond the PC-era.

I spoke with many attendees and as always the Hands on Labs (HoL) really were the highlight for many and, as a London VMUG steering committee member, I am really excited to learn that the HoLs will be available for all, not just VMworld attendees, in 2012, learn more here.

A personal highlight for me as a newly “inaugurated” 2011 vExpert, was meeting lots of my fellow vExperts at a program meeting hosted by John Troyer.  I can honestly say I have never encountered such a community surrounding a technology/company.  The opportunity to also meet many of the folks I follow on Twitter was another highlight of VMworld for me.

I spent most of my days working in the Solutions Exchange with one of my clients, Centrix Software. The Solutions Exchange had around 250 exhibitors promoting their wares, ranging from the big and mighty vendors down to new, innovative companies, such as Centrix, in the Innovators Pavilion.  As I blogged prior to VMworld, many companies that have previously participated in this innovator pavilion have subsequently been acquired.

It is unlikely I will be at VMworld Copenhagen this year.  I still feel it’s a mistake to hold the European event so close to the US one, but unfortunately this year there is a major event in the UK, IPExpo being held at exactly the same time as VMworld Copenhagen and it looks like I will be there instead.

If you’re attending Copenhagen, I can guarantee you will experience the same community spirit and “awesome sauce” of a superbly staged event by VMware for its customers – enjoy!



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  1. Great summary Jane. Really hope we see you in Copenhagen, as the unofficial First Lady of Virtualisation your presence will be missed, not just by me.

    It is close to the US event I agree but the benefit is it allows us to build on the momentum and topics (like those you highlight above) while they are still front of mind.

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