Copenhagen VMworld Europe 20011

Well that time has arrived, and myself and the family travel to Copenhagen for the annual european VMware fest, we arrive on Monday and we are staying at the Tivoli hotel in the City Center.  I am hoping to do some live blogging at the event this year.  it all depends on whether I can get WiFi access at the show. Smile 

Hopefully they will have as good connections as they had in Vegas.  There was a vast improvement in connectivity there over previous years.

So what Am I looking forward too?

Well the Veeam party for one Smile  they always throw a good bash, but primarily, the networking with fellow Virtualization geeks like myself and catching up with people from previous meetings.  the majority of VMware Europe will be there including rock stars like Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Alan Renouf and his secret alterego PowerCLIman

One thing I am hoping is that the Solutions Exchange will be a little more interesting than Vegas,  there was a distinct lack of innovation at that show this year, I think that corporate RnD budgets have taken a hammering with the current financial climate.  I think I will actually attend a couple of labs this time too.  The ones at Vegas got rave reviews kudos to all those that were involved in creating and keeping them running.

So for those of you who are going I hope we can meet up, and those of you that can not, hopefully you will get benefit from the content that will be posted here and on other sites

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