2011 – Rimmergram’s virtualized year in review

The year started with me moving from a Sony Vaio to a MacBook Pro and getting some amazing help from my twitterati, specifically @dawoo, as finding basic functions – like the hash key – seemed to allude me. I am now totally loved up with my MBP, iPad and iPhone 4S, I can’t ever contemplate moving back to Windows, albeit as part of the benefits of being a vExpert, I do run VMware Fusion Smile. One thing I can categorically state, though, is that Microsoft Office is as shocking on the Mac as it is on Windows for crashing or closing for no reason Sad smile

In February, I attended the IDC Desktop Virtualization event in London and it was clear the interest in desktop transformation in general was heightened, specifically regarding where to start, whether looking at desktop or application virtualization or just moving to Windows 7. This was preceded by the London VMUG having a roundtable discussion on VDI, which also indicated high levels of interest, but no real evidence of large, or successful, implementations. So 2010 was meant to be the year of VDI, so was 2011, but I do believe 2012 will be the year of the ‘blended’ workspace, where virtualization will play a part but will not be the panacea many thought, or were led to believe, it would be.

May saw BriForum return to the UK, with over 300 delegates attending, again demonstrating the keen appetite for knowledge on desktop virtualization and associated solutions. The day after BriForum, we held our new format for the London VMUG. The new registration format via MyVMUG organization, the extended day, multiple tracks and sponsorship were well received by our members and, as always, lots of positive tweets and blogs were posted.

A relatively new topic, the consumerization of IT, was the focus of another London IDC event in London, which I again attended with Centrix Software. The other sponsors (including Citrix and Samsung) all focused on the BYOD (bring your own device) aspect of consumerization. However, it is so much more than that; what about applications user-sourced from the cloud, off-prem storage such as dropbox – how does IT embrace consumerization, but retain control? It was a very thought provoking event for the many enterprise IT managers in attendance, clearly a topic for the forthcoming year too.

June also saw the UKs VMware Forums, I attended Wembley and bumped into many of the London VMUG members, it was an excellent event for both attendees and sponsors alike.

August was all about attending VMworld Las Vegas. The highlight for me was meeting many of the vExperts from the other side of the pond that I interact with over Twitter; such as Shane Williford, Aaron Delp and Damian Karlson to name but a few. I feel very honored to be part of this awesome community! Lots of great sessions, keynotes and labs were all other highlights, as well as the solutions exchange, where I spent most of mine time, working Sad smile. The VMworld party was great and it was nice to meet the better halves of Mike Laverick and Tom Howarth later at the pool party!!

To finish off my virtualized year, the highlight has to be the first ever UK National VMUG that I and my fellow London VMUG committee members, along with the MyVMUG organization, organized in Solihull on November 3rd. We had over 350 attendees, and over 20 sponsors, with multiple presentation tracks and community involvement with a mock-VCDX panel and PowerCLI workshops all taking place simultaneously. Hearing about individual’s experiences during the day and knowing that for many, this was their first ever VMUG, made all the hard work and voluntary effort all worthwhile Smile. A great review of the event was posted by one of our members and regular contributors to London VMUG, Jonathan Medd, read it here.

I am now looking forward to an exciting 2012 – desktop transformation is going to be even bigger next year, as is consumerization of IT but I’m also going to be involved in a Cloud Foundry initiative that will launch in the new year, so watch this space!

In the meantime, wishing everyone all the best for the festive season and a very Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing many of you in January at our 26th London VMUG!

Jane Rimmer is owner of hiviz-marketing , strategic marketing consultancy servicing the IT industry and a 2011 vExpert.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Wow, 2011 was certainly a crazy year! 🙂

    Great work with the London VMUG and I look forward to catching up sometime soon.

    Happy New Year.


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