VCP5 Under my belt

just finished sitting my VCP5 exam, OK I know I was leaving to close to the wire, but to be fair I completely forgot about the end of February constraint until I was remind of it last week :S.

So I picked the first available slot at the nearest centre to me, and attempted to revise,  not an easy thing to do when you have just started a new job and were commuting over 360 miles a day to a resellers site to do hardware certification tests. and family visiting over the weekend that we had not seen for ages 🙂

So it was with some trepidation that I walked into the test centre in Leeds.  I have to be fair and say that the exam was about right, ( I may have had a different opinion if I had failed LOL) there were very little of the tcp 3 / 4 min and Max questions, but I was surprised at the amount of Ent Plus level questions considering the fact that those features have been removed from the ICM course.  That said the fact they would be there was highlighted in the Blueprint 🙂

Well Considering that I had literally no time for revision i feel that a 356 pass score was not to bad,  I bet that Mr Sloof and Mr Vessey may have something to say about that score though.

2 thoughts on “VCP5 Under my belt”

  1. Got my VCI a week ago, and common… VCP is still a useless certification where people having it are not necessarily good, and people failing it are not necessarily bad. Honestly, without some special training everybody knows, I’m not sure I would get ahead of the VCI score, for lot of reasons : I have no time to ingest the whole bibliography of vSphere, I dont care, and don’t see why I would know by heart that fdm tcp ports are this and that, or that vSphere 5 supports additional installation media, like USB (whaaaaat ?). So I’m not really proud to have it, I just needed to !

    1. I agree with your sentiment, however the VCP is a basic starter Certifiaction that shows that you can at least install the product. 🙂 if you need to show that you can actually use the product or design then you need the vCAPs

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