VMware Fusion users with 2012 hardware update your OSX

VMware Fusion users with hardware from 2012 that uses the NVidia chipset are probably aware of the problem that occurred after running the Macbook Pro Update 2. You could no longer use 3D in your virtual machines as it tended to crash your virtual machines. As I had to run that update after while as well, I was eagerly waiting for an update from VMware to address this.

Seems that I was queueing in the wrong line 🙂

It was apple who needed to address this as the OS X 10.8.3 update -which is available for everyone- addresses this issue.
For more info, see this thread on the forum Re: Volunteers needed: 2012 Mac users affected by 10.8.2 update issue

This article was originally posted at and written by Wil van Antwerpen

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