Installing View

I have just upgraded my Beta build of View 3 to GA and I can say on the whole I was pretty impressed.

The upgrade of the Connection server was seamless and came back up with all my previously installed pools,  That said my linked clone pool was displaying a rather worrying red error icon,  I put this down to having not upgraded my Desktop composer instance on the vCenter Server.

So onwards and upwards, I then upgraded the Desktop composer and after a rather worrying instance of ADAM removal and reinstallation every thing seemed to come back ok.

So what about that little red icon in the admin console, I then reloaded the admin console and checked the linked Desktop pool.  Drat still the red icon. 

Then I had a eureka moment and did a Edit on the pool, but did not physically change any settings, and this reactivated the connection between the composer and the connection server. happy bunny again.

Next I got a little ahead of my self and tried to logon.  The website kindly informed me my client was out of day and offered to upgrade,  so I said OK, do your worst and it did.  My previous VDM 2.1 client flatly refused to uninstall,  now to be fair this could have been down to a corrupt MSI installation database, as I had to remove it by brute force in the end .

Note if you have this issue down load the Windows installer Clean up utility from here

After that, I manually installed the Client,  now here is a new bit VDM2 only had one client View3 has two:

The standard client – basically the same as the VDM 2 version

The offline client– this is the client coupled with a modified version of VMware player which allows the very sexy new feature of Offline Clients, admittedly this is still in experimental mode, but boy is it sexy.

So guest which version I installed,  yup the Offline version.  the installation went without issue and when I double clicked it loaded the client with no issues.

So testing time,  I logged in using the full client and selected a Guest from my linked Clone pool – It opened with out issue.

I next opened a client from my offline pool it opened.  I logged off and then attempted to check out the machine. it didn’t work. 

Have you seen my fatal mistake,  yup I had not upgraded the View Agents.

So I directly attached to the console of my Offline VDI machine via vCenter Server and ran the agent upgrade, again this was seamless, but it did require a reboot to complete.

Once this was completed I then logged off my View client, relogged in and attempted an offline check out.  and it worked.

So in conclusion all is good.  with my View 3 environment,  I will post again when I have upgraded my Test VDM 2 farm.