Remember Remember, Edit your Host Profile before applying.

Well today I remembered something, well to be truthful, I remembered it five minutes after moving my new hosts into maintenance mode, applying my newly created host profile from my reference host, filling in the network details for all the port groups and VMkernel groups and clicking finish.

So what exactly did I remember? Well I remembered that before you apply a reference host profile to a host that is over 6000 miles away (well to be fair, even if it is under your desk or hosted on your desktop), always remember to remove the policy that relates to your primary management console. Why? I hear you ask.


Because exactly 5 minutes later I was looking at 3 unresponsive hosts. It was most likely quicker than 5 minutes but I went to get a cup of tea.

No worries I thought I will just login to the IPMI and reconfigure them from there, but then remembered that I had found out yesterday that they had not been not plugged in yet. So humble pie time, I had to call the person whose machines there are and ask him to go into work on a Saturday to install the IPMI cables. Too be fair he was planning to do that anyway so I don’t feel too guilty about it 🙂

OK so enough kicking myself for my base stupidity this morning, how exactly do you stop yourself from finding yourself in the same predicament? Well read on McDuff.

Once you have created your host profile from your reference host, follow these easy instructions


Select “Rules and Profiles”


Then “Host Profiles”


Highlight the desired host profile in my case I only have the one “Standard_Switch”


Click “Edit Profle”


Edit the name to something if you wish otherwise click next.


Navigate via “Networking Configuration/Host port group”


Select your primary Management or only management portgroup (mine is highlighted) and then press the big red cross to remove it.


Notice it has gone then click “Next” until finished.

You may need to configure other details on your profile before finishing.

A simple change I think you will agree, but not remembering to doing, so had so many implications. Lesson painfully re-learnt.

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